What Does It Mean To Be Healthy?

The issue of health can be a bit confusing and carry different meanings depending on the perspective of each person. Contrary to popular belief, your health is not based on your physical appearance. Health only means a balance between the physical and mental state which allows you to enjoy your social life and environment in which you surround yourselves. What does this mean? Being free from “diseases" is not the only answer. As mentioned earlier, health goes beyond diagnosis and respectable physical appearance.

There are many people who although they reflect a healthy physical appearance are not healthy because of their physical inactivity and their stress level due to the toxic environment in where they live.

Health requires balance

You need to consider the four pillars that your body needs to be healthy. You need a balanced lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition.

A balanced lifestyle is a foundation of having a healthy body. Your lifestyle determines your daily routine and perspective in life, all of which determines your physical and mental well-being.

Maintain a regular exercise. Various research shows that a sedentary routine has a significant link to obesity and heart-related diseases. Your body needs a regular physical activity for it to remain healthy. However, having a regular exercise routine doesn’t mean that you have to spend two to three hours in a gym every day. Simple activities such as walking your dog, a stroll through the park or taking stairs are considered as a form of exercise.

Nutrition comes from what you eat. Food is the body"s fuel. Your growth and physical performance depend on the fuel you take. You have to consume the fuel for which your body is designed based to take such as fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals so that you will have more energy to move, which means increased physical activity.

Now the combination of proper nutrition and regular exercise contributes to a more efficient functioning brain giving you a good attitude and emotional state. Physical activity stimulates healthy self-esteem, relaxes you and allows you to see the world from a more positive view. Without going into the case, this is because the practice exercise stimulates the release of hormones called endorphins which are as responsible for our emotional state.

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