What Can You Get With Acupuncture?

We have already talked many times about acupuncture: the method consists of the application of needles in points of the body with different therapeutic effects with the primary objective of promoting an energy balance of the whole body, which will translate into benefits for the same. From oriental medicine, what we call diseases, would be, in fact, energy imbalances, manifested through signs and symptoms such as pain and emotional changes.

Thus, acupuncture works through physiological and energetic mechanisms. The energy mechanism is the balance of the channels or meridians through which the energy is transferred from one part to another of the body. The physiological is already the release of substances, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and myorelaxant modulating action on the immune systems, endocrine, and emotions.

If the idea of ​​having needles for your body does not like it, you can try other similar techniques like acupressure. Tired of trying unsuccessful diets and pills? Here is a beneficial alternative: acupuncture. In a short time and, taking care of your diet and exercise, you will experience its first results.

The benefits of this technique are numerous. However, you must have something obvious: you will not lose weight solely with acupuncture In Orlando, FL. Will it help you eliminate anxiety? Yes of course. But, you will have to complete it with a healthy diet and some sport.

Acupuncture can be the ideal complementary technique to help you in your diet since it is a proper treatment to eliminate the anxiety to consume foods that little favor your body. Each case is different, of course. Some cases of excess weight are due to thyroid, anxiety, fluid retention, etc. Therefore, the treatment has to be individualized, so each case has to be studied in a personalized way to combat the specific causes that cause weight gain. But we must realize that acupuncture, of course, alone does not serve to lose weight. Therefore, it is convenient to combine acupuncture In Orlando, FL with an adequate hypocaloric diet, exercise practice and a lot of willpower and discipline.

Everyone can receive acupuncture, but the therapist must discern, depending on the patient"s medical history, in which cases some types of puncture should not be performed. For example, in pregnant women, there are some points that should not be stimulated by their dangerousness, but other acupuncture points can be used without side effects. And in cases where it is not advisable to use acupuncture, the rest of traditional Chinese medicine therapies can be employed.

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