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Hershey Molds


*Poop Pots This is the must fun piece we came out with in 2004. The fact it sold great at craft shows too made it a great seller.


Hershey Ceramic Molds

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Hershey Ceramic Mold Mini Poop Pots $8.00 for each lid:

Deer H619 Bunny H617 Turkey H618 Snowman H616

Mini Pot H615 is $8.00 Top and pot together are about 3 inches tall.


Hershey ceramic mold H608 Hershey Ceramic Mold Poop Pot $14

( 3 inch pot / with lid 51/2 inches)

Hershey Ceramic Mold H609 Snowman Poop Pot Lid $19

Hershey Ceramic Mold H610 Bunny Poop Pot Lid $19

Hershey Ceramic Mold H611 Scarecrow Poop Pot Lid $19

Hershey Ceramic Mold H612 Football Poop Pot Lid $24


Shown are the new exciting POOP POTS! Fill your bunny poop

pot with chocolate covered raisins and add this poem:

The Easter Bunny came last night
So listen here’s the scoop
All you get is…
A bit of BUNNY POOP!

If a boo boo has you feelin sad
It can’t really be that bad
Place a band aid on your boo boo tight
Soon everything will be all right. (Stick a band aid on the butt,

write on it Boo Boo Bunny then fill with suckers and band aids)

Heard you’ve been naughty
So here’s the scoop
All you get is…
SNOWMAN POOP! (fill your snowman poop pot with mini

marshmallows) (or write Kiss My Butt on snowman lid and then fill

with Hershey Kisses)


Fall is here...there's a nip in the air,
But you won't have to sink to despair!
To have a warm laugh; here's the scoop,
I'm giving you some Scarecrow poop! (fill with candy corn)

New Football Poop Pot! Hershey Ceramic Mold H612 $24 for lid.

Hershey Ceramic Mold H608 pot $14. Add this poem on a card or

sticker and then fill with rival colored candy!!!!!!!!!

We met our rivals on the field
We fought them hard, we did not yeild.
We chewed them up and here's the scoop
We chewed our rivals into poop!!!







Reindeer Poop

Santa's been here. How do I know?

Look what I found out in the snow!


I was going to leave candy

'til I got caught up in your coop,

but I still left something dandy

lots of good old turkey poop!

You can also turn your pot upside down, glue the top on and then using a pipe cleaner thread a jingle bell and then up through the pot and the lid. We are calling these JINGLE BUTTS!