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Hershey mold Ornament        7x6inches
H533ABC  $42.00
H416 deer  $18.00

Ornament 7x6 inches H533ABC $42
H404 $18 men chopping trees

Apply AR 710 Toffee Duncan glaze to ball. Fire. A wash of Kimple Forest Green 918 to trees. Duncan White OS431 to snow, highlight trees, drybrush deer.
A wash of Duncan OS508 Butterscotch to deer. Spray matte finish.

Sponge these colors on ball in this order. Kimple Toffee 940 all over. Duncan Butterscotch OS508. Duncan OS471 Md Brown. Duncan OS 486 Terra Cotta. Duncan OS431 White. Apply each color randomly and to just little areas. You will achieve a mottled desert stone look. Trees ,pants Kimple Forest Green 918. NT025Duncan on coats. Barnyard Red OS503 on hat, scarves. Duncan OS431 on snow and to highlight trees Spray matte finish to seal ceramic mold finished piece.

On Bisque ceramic mold apply EZ010 French Brown to detail areas & wipe down with damp sponge. Use Duncan River Rock Glaze RI573 Sand to ball. Fire.
Kimple Forest Green 918 wash to trees, grass around geese.
OS471 Md Brown to geese top feathers. OS476 Black to head. Duncan OS431 White to breast feathers, neck ring, drybrush trees. A wash of OS460 Navy to pond. Spray matte finish on detail only.
Add red velvet ribbon.

Hershey ceramic molds H533ABC $42   

Hershey ceramic mold H538A  $18

Hershey ceramic molds H541 $32.00