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*** FAQ 4. Best selling mold of all time? This Gazebo Light Scene is our best selling piece. It also gave birth to the whole collection of light scenes both small and large. *** FAQ 7. Where was Barkley 2000 years ago? scroll down to see Barkley at the nativity which inspired H425AB
Gazebo Light Scene  Hershey ceramic molds H 525ABC  $99   8x13 inches

On bisque apply
EZ042  Teal Blue and then wipe down with damp sponge.  Air brush same color on frame and sky. Fire 06.  Use Duncan OS431 White for all snow areas. Add a few white stars at this time to skyline. A wash of Duncan OS476 Black to windows, walkways, shading roof.  A wash of Duncan OS460  Navy Blue to trees to shade.  Duncan OS 519  Dutch Blue on the back & bottom. Spray seal with matte spray.  Use glitter on trees to highlight. Duncan UM958 Blue Glitter.

Hershey Ceramic Molds Gazebo Light  H525ABC   $99.00  8x13inches

Hershey ceramic mold H543ABC Lodge Light $109

Hershey ceramic mold H543D Attachments $12

H545AB Route 66 $99

H553AB Western ground$36

Hershey Ceramic Mold H425AB Nativity Light  $89.00
Hershey ceramic molds H426 Characters  $24


HERSHEY CERAMIC MOLD H550ABC Boat rental accessories

Hershey Ceramic Molds

Route 66 Light

H545ABC $99

H545D motorcycle $12

Hershey Ceramic Molds H398AB Road Outdoor Light Scene $89 H403 Horse & sleigh $18

7 inches high x 12 inches across

Hershey Ceramic Mold H544AB Large Church Light Scene $99