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On Hershey Ceramic Mold bisque H629ACD $56 apply wash of Duncan EZ French Brown 010. Wipe down with damp sponge. Air brush Duncan EZ005 Sierra Yellow on sky and frame and then go back over same area with Mayco OS9 Aubrun. Fire to cone 06. All the following acrylics are applied as wash. Just like watercolors. Duncan OS548 Green Leather to trees & Joseph's cloak. DuncanOS503 Barnyard Red to door. DuncanOS460 Navy for Mary's clothing. DuncanNT025 Harvest Gold to stable wood and hay. DuncanOS476 Black wash to rocks, road, windows, shade right half of trees, bottom of fence. Use DuncanOS431 White to drybrush all trees, top of the fence, road, window frames, steps. Brush it full strength on all snow areas. Paint the back and bottom with a light biege acrylic stain. Matt spray. Add light.
On Hershey Ceramic Mold H629ABC Lighting the Way $56 bisque apply a wash of Mayco OS17 Pearl Grey. Wipe down with damp sponge. Airbrush Duncan EZ012 Black to sky. Heavier at top of skyline and to the edge of the frame. Darker on the top edge of the frame. Fire to cone 06. Shade the right side of trees, windows, road, stones, fence with a wash of Duncan OS476 Black. Use the same full strength black for snowman face, lantern, hat. Use Duncan OS503 Barnyard Red for hats, scarfs, door, mittens. Dry brush Duncan OS431 White on trees, raod, roacks,window frames. Use full strength on all snow areas. Paint the back and bottom with either white or a light grey. Matt spray to seal. Add light.