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1 .Hershey Ceramic Mold H613ABC bisque fired to cone 03

H613ABC mini light scene by Hershey Ceramic Mold . Special Sale

Approximate size is 81/2 by 51/2 inches. It is one of our small light scenes.

2. Apply wash of Duncan EZ010 French Brown all over. Wipe down with damp sponge.

3. Airbrush sky, frame, trees with Duncan Sierra Yellow EZ005 and Mayco AuburnOS9

Fire to cone 05 or 06.

4. Add a wash of Duncan Harvest GoldNT025S to trees if you feel you need more color, Duncan OS476 black wash to shade fence, windows, trees.
5. Os 431White to snow, roof tops dry brush on trees, fence tops.
6. I used Duncan Butterscotch OS508 to seal back and bottom of piece.Seal with brush on matte sealer or spray by Duncan. Optional gold glitter applied to trees.(Vibrant Glitter from Glaser Ceramics Lincoln, Nebraska) Add Light.