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Hershey Ceramic Molds H431AB Female Rider on motorcycyle  Hershey Ceramic Molds H429AB Large Motorcycle

Rear view of Hershey Ceramic Molds cycles above

On Hershey ceramic bisque cycle glaze all chrome parts with clear glaze. Fire.  Apply fired on White Gold OG 802 to same areas and fire according to  manufacturers instructions.
Bright Blue OS 459 on man's jacket, tops of seats, front half of gas tank.  Kimple Toffee  940 wash on skin.  Dutch Blue OS 431 on pants and wash on girls jacket.  Black OS 476 wash on tires, rocks, man's hair and beard, bottom of seats, boots.  White OS 431  on fenders, stripes on tank, stars, shirts, lights.  Medium Brown OS 471 on dirt, drybrush man's hair.  Red OS 503 on stripes on gas tank, rear light, wash on lips.  Harvest Gold NT 025 wash on girl's hair, license tag.
Highlight by drybrushing with White OS 431 any areas where you want to bring out detail (clothes, rocks, tire treads.)
Add red, white and blue stars across back of girl's jacket in an arch.  Hand paint small flag on back of man's jacket. Add USA tag cut from the USA Today newspaper to license plate.  Brush on matte finish to all painted areas avoiding the chrome.