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Hershey Ceramic Mold H554 $16

Hershey Ceamic Mold H555 $22

Hershey Ceamic Mold H556AB $69

Hershey Molds H570 $69 Birch Platter

Hershey Molds H567 $20 Birch Sugar

Hershey Molds H568 $18 Creamer

Hershey Molds H569 $19 Birch Salt and Pepper


On Hershey Ceramic bisque apply a thin wash of Duncan EZ012 Jet Black. Wipe down piece with damp sponge. Go back and randomly apply a little EZ010 French Brown and EZ011 Sienna Brown in crevices.

Use GL 681 Dark Walnut glaze in the inside and Duncan SN 351 Satin Glaze on outside. Fire to cone 06.

H567 4" high

H568 3 3/4" high

H569 3 1/2"

H570 11 x 16"