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Hershey Molds


Hershey Molds Picture for flyer 7

Hershey Ceramic Molds Nautical Light Scenes               
H452A Background Frame   
H452B Land Piece
H452C Palm Trees

Hershey Mold H453Dolphins
H454 Turtles
H455 Sharks

Hershey Mold H456 Mermaid
H457 Whales

On Hershey ceramic bisque apply French Brown EZ010. Wipe down with damp sponge.
Air brush EZ042 Teal on sky and water. EZ012Jet Black near shoreline and top of sky.EZ063WineBerry near horizon and EZ016Grass Green on water.   Apply a wash of Grass Green on trees and some coral. Fire to cone 06.
Apply the following colors as washes(
after mixing paint with water it should be translucent, like painting with watercolors)
OS438 Orange Peel on some coral
CO147Teal Blue on some coral
CO117 Sunflower on some coral
OS508 Butterscotch on sand.
Dry brush NT025 Harvest Gold on trees. OS431 White on water & coral.
Using OS431 straight from  jar paint white on whale, stars, and streams of light below surface. Using OS476Black straight from jar paint whale and frame.
Spray Matte sealer for finish.
Shadow Grey CO103 - base coat bodies
WhiteOS431 - base coat snouts
Black OS476 Use for eyes and mouth
White OS431 drybrush the tops of fins
Black thinned and sponged on bodies
Forest Green 918 thinned and applied to body & shell
BlackOS476 for eyes & mouth
Harvest Gold NT025 dry brush body
Use same gold and black on a few squares on shell. If needed outline shell with Black.
Dark Gray CO103 base coat body
Black OS476 paint eyes
WhiteOS431 dry brush tail

Hershey Ceramic Molds MERMAID
Harvest Gold NT 025 thinned and applied to hair
Toffee 940 thinned and use on flesh
Forest Green 918 thinned and applied to tail
Black OS 476  eyes
Barnyard Red OS503 thinned and use on lips
Harvest Gold NT 025 dryrush on tail
White OS 431 dry brush on hair

Harvest Gold NT025 thinned for hair.
Toffee940 on flesh
ForestGreen 918 to tail
Dry brush gold on tail & white on hair