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Mountain Clock

H505AB Clock
$68 H440 Coyotes $12
H438 Tree S14 H438 Rocks $12
On bisque apply wash of Duncan Black EZ012 on rim and scene. Wipe down.
-Apply wash of Duncan Grass Green EZ 016 on trees and grass. Wipe down with damp sponge. -Airbrush Duncan Dutch Blue EZ035 to sky and Duncan Black EZ 012 on edges.
-Clear glaze Duncan GL611 to clock dots & rim. Fire Duncan Bright Gold OG801 to glazed areas. Fire.
Apply wash of Duncan White OS431 for clouds, highlight water.  Kimple Blueberry 932 wash on rocks.
Scioto Teal Blue CO147 on water .Duncan Gingersnap OS506 wash on foreground. some rocks, and little on animals.
-Drybrush Duncan Harvest Gold NT025 on all green areas. -Drybrush Duncan White OS431 on fur, left side of rocks.
-Use wash of Duncan Black OS476 to shade foliage & Mts. -Seal with Duncan AS954 avoiding gold.
Undersea Clock H498AB $48 H490 Mar1ins $12
On bisque apply wash of Duncan Black EZ012 on rim and scene. Wipe down with damp sponge. -Airbrush Duncan Dutch Blue EZ 035 on sky, water.
Airbrush Duncan Sierra Yellow EZOO5 for sunset  Duncan Clear glaze GL611 on rim and clock dots. Fire.
Apply Duncan Bright Gold OG80 1 to glazed areas and refire. -Apply washes of Duncans
OS438 Orange Peel, OS463 Medium Green, Scioto's CO147 Teat, Scioto CO 117 Sunflower to assorted coral as pictured.

-Wash of Duncan Bright Blue OS459 to top of marlin, beams of light below water, shade ocean. -Wash of Scioto CO103 Shadow Gray on bottom of marlin. -Drybrush Duncan Harvest Gold NTO25 on foliage.
Drybrush Duncan White OS431 on detail of coral, fish, water, tree trunks.  Seal with Duncan AS 954 avoiding gold.
Racing Cycle H512 Cycle $24    H513AB Rider $12
On bisque apply a wash of Duncan French Brown EZO10 and wipe down with damp sponge. -Apply Duncan Gloss Glaze GL611 to all chrome areas. Fire -Apply Duncan OG802 White Gold to glazed areas. Fire.
Apply a wash of Duncan Black OS476 to tires, boots, numbers, handles, seat. Apply Duncan White OS431 to helmet, pants
Duncan Medium Green OS463 for shirt, fenders, grass  Kimple Purple 932 on vest -Duncan Butterscotch OS508 on rocks.
Duncan AS954 seal painted areas.
Dirt Bike H511 $24  H514 Rider $12  Paint as pictured
H5OOABC Stein $78 H501  Dolphins $18 H5O2AB Mermaid & dolphin S24
-On bisque apply washes of Duncan's French Brown EZ010 all over. Wipe down with damp sponge.
-Wash of Duncan Black EZ012 to accent barrel seams.
-Wash of Duncan Sienna Brown EZ011 highlight wood on barrel and handle. Wipe down handle. -Fire.
-Duncan gloss glaze GL611 to stein not scene. Fire.  Duncan Bright Gold OG801 on rims. Fire to cone 018.
--Stains applied as washes:
Scioto Shadow Gray CO 103 dol phins.
-Scioto Teal Blue CO147 to water.  Sponge on for a mottled affect. and on various coral
-Scioto Sunflower CO 117 assorted coral.
-Kimple Forest Green 918 to foliage, mermaid.
-Duncan Harvest Gold NT025 on hair, assorted coral. Dry brush on foliage. mermaid scales.
-Kimple Toffee 940 flesh, sand -Duncan Medium Green OS463 on assorted coral. Duncan Navy OS460 water on lid.
-Duncan White OS431 dry- brushed on water, coral and to highlight any areas that need it. Sponge lightly the dolphins and water on stein.
--Duncan Black OS476 as wash to shade dolphins, water.- Duncan AS 954 seal scene

Manger Scene $34
H503AB goes with 392 Paint as pictured