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Gazebo Light Scene Mold Number
H463 Light Scene H 470 Bride & Groom
Step I: On bisque apply EZ012 Black. Wipe down with a damp sponge. Step 2: Airbrush EZ066 Morning Glory to sky, lake. Airbrush EZ016 Grass Green to all trees, plants. Fire to cone 06.Step 3: Apply OS431 White as a wash on trim of gazebo, dress, doves, accent frame. Step 4 .Apply as wash OS476 Black on grooms clothes, detail on frame, walkway. Step 5: Use NT 025 Harvest Gold as a wash on hair, shade wedding dress, highlight trees. Step 6: Use co 103 Shadow Gray to paint outside back.
Farm Light Scene/chick Mold Numbers   H464 Farm Light Scene   H468 Chickens
Follow steps 1 & 2 of gazebo directions. Apply OS508 Butterscotch as wash on horses, driveway. NT025 Harvest Gold as wash on chicks, feet, beaks of chickens, hay.OS 474 Gray as wash on chickens, frame. Use it to paint outside frame and back.OS 503 Barnyard Red on chickens. OS431 White use to drybrush farms, fences, trees, wheel, chicken feathers, chicks heads, chicken head and chest. Spray matte sealer for finish.
Farm Light Scene / Amish Kids  Mold Numbers H464 Farm Light Scene  H467 Amish Kids
Step I: Apply EZ 010 French Brown. wipe down with a damp sponge. Apply EZ016 Grass Green to grass and wipe down. Step 2 Air brush EZ 042 Teal to sky. Fire to cone 06 .Step 3: OS 508 Butterscotch use as wash on ground, silo, roofs, bucket, foliage on trees. Step 4: Apply the following colors as washes: OS503 Barnyard Red on barn, lips 940 Toffee on flesh areas COl03 Shadow Gray on girls dress, boys jacket NT 025 Harvest Gold on foliage of trees, drybrush grass. OS476 Black for hats, shoes, shade grass sand road OS431 White on horse, apron. Drybrush fences, wheels, frame, house. Use OS476 Black to paint out- side back. Spray matte sealer for finish.
Fireman Light Scene Mold Numbers H469ABC
Step I: Apply on bisque EZOIO French Brown all over. Wipe down with a damp sponge. Use EZ016 Grass Green on trees and grass and EZ012 Black on sidewalk. Airbrush EZ042 Teal on sky. Fire to cone 06. Step 2: Apply 05474 Gray as wash on roof, frame, also used to paint outside back of the piece. Step 3: Apply the following colors as washes: 0S476 Black to shade walkway. roof, windows, hat, pants, boots, ax, hose, accent frame detail. NT025 on hair, jackets, flames,drybrush  grass .OS503 nozzle, ax, flames OS431 baby, dress, stones, accent fireman's jacket, trim on house, drybrush frame. Spray matte sealer.
Indian Light Scene Mold Number H465AB Light Scene H466 Indians Step l: Apply to bisque EZO10 French Brown all over and wipe down with a damp sponge. EZ016 Grass Green to trees, grass, wipe. EZ012 Black on rocks, trunks, feathers. Air brush EZ 042 Teal to sky. Fire 06. Step 1: Use following as washes: OS508 on frame, flesh, shade feathers OS471 on bottom of teepee. OS508 on leather, pants, dress Forest Green 918 top of teepee ,, design on blanket. OS476 accent feather, hair, shade blanket, trees OS503 head band, indians flap OS431 drybrush feather, blanket, trees, rocks, water, teepee ,boys clothes, bow arrow, fringe

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