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****All samples are done by in house artist Cathy Hershey(one of my favorite pieces is the handpainted beach scene with RELAX spelled out on the chairs shown below)H576, 605, 604
This exciting new collection shows what you can do with just one simple bowl. Please take a look at all the accesories that make this so exciting. There is a branch available to have them sit upright and a light installed to make everything more dramatic.

H576 Large 15 inch bowl $79

H583AB Large branch $89

H586 & H587 Dolphins $16 each

H585 Coral $28

Hershey Ceramic Mold H605 Rope $24 H604 Gulls $14

Hershey Ceramic Molds

H588 DRAGON $48

Hershey ceramic mold H589 Chickadee $12 Hershey ceramic mold H590 Snowcaps $14

Hershey ceramic mold

H589 chickadee $12

Hershey ceramic mold H593 snowdrift $28

Hershey ceramic mold H591 Indian attachment $48

Hershey molds H594 church $24