Hershey Ceramic Molds


Hershey Ceramic Molds


This page is dedicated to all those who sell Hershey Ceramic Mold finished ware. I am passing along this advice: I rented a booth at a craft mall and out of all the pieces I had these adorable little bags out sold everything.  I charged $3.00 a piece so you should really work on this in sort of an assembly line which will cut your labor time in half. Pick one color and just keep applying to each and every piece and then start with a different color.  The more bags you have out to work on the better! I realize all retail markets are different but you can promote them for use as a Christmas tree ornament, party favor, teachers gift, secret Santa present, toothpick holder for buffet. Good luck and let me hear from you if you have the same success as I did.

On Hershey ceramic bisque apply Duncan EZ010 French Brown to detail and wipe down with damp sponge. Clear glaze applied to bag. Glaze fire.
Here is a list of the colors used. Apply using the picture as your reference for placement. Thin colors mixed with water to preserve detail of piece.
Duncan OS503 Barnyard Red
Kimple Forest Green 918
Duncan OS476 Black
Duncan OS431 White
Kimple Toffee KS940
Kimple Blueberry 932
Duncan NT025 Gold
Seal with a brush on matte sealer.

Hershey Molds H336 candy cane, wreath, tree $18

Shown below same bags done in bright glitter paints for a totally different look.

Hershey Ceramic Mold H354 soldier, double tree, stocking $18

Hershey Ceamic Molds H355 Santa, angel, poinsettia $18  H337 candle, Rudolph, snowman  $18