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Hershey Ceramic Molds

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*It is H515AB shown below. This first piece led to a whole series of small and large ornaments with a ton of options for you as inserts.
Hershey Ceramic Mold

Hershey Mold H509 ABD Round Ball/detailed connector $86

Hershey Ceramic Molds H534AB Church insert $36

9 inches wide by 10 inches in height

After pouring your New Hershey Ceramic Mold on the greenware cut out bottom. Apply EZ010 French Brown, wipe down with damp sponge. Fire. Apply following colors as washes.
Use wash of OS489 Saddle Brown, OS476 Black, Copper paint  UM954 or Deco Art Patio Paint Honest Copper to random stones. Drybrush OS431 White to stones if needed. Spray matte finish.
OUTDOOR Hershey Ceramic Molds PATIO CANDLE
Fill bottom with sand, cut out bottom of chimnerea. Insert candle. Hang outdoors from your patio umbrella or this piece actually fits nicely sitting in a cereal bowl maybe covered with foil to sit on your picnic table.

Hershey Molds H542   $68 Large Birch  branch
Hershey Ceramic Mold H509ABD $86 Round Ornament Ball light

Hershey ceramic mold H509ABC $78 Lg Round Ball Light
Hershey ceramic molds H524 $24 Chimnerea
3 3/4 in X 4 in. wide