Hershey Ceramic Mold

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Hershey Ceramic Molds


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Hershey Ceramic Molds H526AB  13 1/2 inches tall       Light Vase             
                             H537ABCD    Sedonia Mountain insert                       

On Hershey ceramic bisque apply EZ010 French Brown on scene. Wipe down with damp sponge. Fire to cone 06.

Apply the following colors with a damp sponge and the colors are all thinned down to a water color consistency. These colors are not all over coverage just random sponging. You are trying to achieve the look of a rock when finished.
OS521 Cobblestone
OS471 Md Brown
OS506 Gingersnap
OS   White
OS476 Black (very little)
DN805 Gold

You can use these same washes on the insert rock formation only applied with a brush.
Use NT028 Blue on sky and water. And OS460 Navy to shade water. Seal with matte sealer

Yes this is just the bottom of this Hershey ceramic mold used as a bowl for fruit

On Hershey ceramic bisque paint stripes with thinned CN182 and CN012.
According to directions on paint bottle paint leaves with CN182. Flowers with CN012 and the center of flower with CN022. Add detail with EZ012. Use Envision Glaze IN1001 Clear all  over. Fire to cone 05-06.