Med Spa 101: What To Expect

You may have done a lot of research about what a med spa can offer, and you"re curious enough to try out a cosmetic procedure. Maybe you"re itching to try Jacksonville laser hair removal that is all the rave or get a facial as a reward for yourself. Now"s the time to carry out your decision of visiting the med spa of your choice. However, what does happen upon your arrival?

Med spas are a unique hybrid of a medical clinic and a day spa. This means that you get the best care while enjoying the soothing atmosphere of a spa. It just feels relaxing, and you can feel secure with all the medical experts providing you care.

For today, we"re going to discuss what are the things that you can expect at your first visit at a medical spa.

Check In

Med spas are still considered as medical facilities, thus the need for proper identification and documentation. You will need to complete some paperwork or may have accomplished some online. Some med spas have patient forms available on their website for your convenience, so make sure to check those out. The questions may seem similar to those of a medical clinic which may include things about your health, physical and medical history such as allergies, medications, habits and so on. By providing enough information, the medical experts will be able to decide what treatment goes best for you. There will also be some consent forms that are required for particular procedures. Most injectables such as dysport in Jacksonville, FL, lasers, and chemical peels have consent forms that list the details of risks, benefits, and complications to watch out for.

Consultation and Treatment

Some facilities may have a separate consultation appointment for first-timers, but there are some that can do both a consultation and treatment on the same day. A consultation is necessary for you to find out if the treatment that you opt for is the right one for you. There are some cases that clients end up with a different treatment than what they think they should have. Your friends may recommend you a treatment that worked for them perfectly but not for you. Some contraindications will also be discussed during the consultation which can affect your treatment plan. For instance, if you had a tanning session recently, you would not be given an ok to undergo laser hair removal.

Common Questions

There are particular items that you need to answer as it would weigh heavily in deciding what treatment to go for. Here are some of them:

  • What are the treatments that you have had?
  • What products are you using right now and how often?

Calming Atmosphere

Med spas are still medical clinics, so you would expect to have a clean and professional setting. Also, you get to soothe your senses to relaxing music, stunning decor, and refreshments such as infused water. It will most likely give you a feeling of enjoying something luxurious and will surely melt your stress away.

Expert Health Care Providers

Let medical experts treat you according to whatever treatment you end up with. If you are opting for services such as chemical peels, facials, and other beauty treatments, a licensed medical aesthetician would be there to provide the best care. A licensed massage therapist is also there if ever you are aching for a back massage. For alternative medicine, a licensed doctor would be there. A medical spa uses cutting-edge technology which is operated by certified professionals.

Follow-up and Maintenance

After a session, you would be given some details on what to expect, how to take care of the area treated and what activities to avoid. This is important as it would have an impact on the overall results of your treatment.

Visit your prospect med spa and experience the magic!

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