How To Take Care Of Your Nails To Keep Them Strong

Having healthy and strong nails is a wish for everyone. It doesn"t matter if you are male or female, nail care should be a priority. In the first place, since they are a part of your body like any other, if it is maintained then it is an evidence of good health. Secondly, because having healthy and beautiful nails is a great reflection of you since the nails are the first things we look at a person – both in social relationships as in personal, at work, etc. Caring for your nails says a lot about us. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips for your nails,  so that you get hardened nails and keep them with a good appearance.

Being radiant depends not only on the care of the face. Every part of our body speaks to us, our habits and our hygiene. Reflect the best of yourself by keeping your nails neat and beautiful. How can we know if the nails are in good condition? One of the keys is its growth: in general, the nails usually grow between three and five millimeters every month. But look! That is the data regarding the nails of the hands; the case of toenails is another, as they grow four times slower than those of the hands.

Healthy diet intake

You must carry a healthy diet and, mainly, rich in calcium, vitamins, and minerals. In fact, brittle nails can show problems of anemia.

Some foods that are beneficial to the health of the nails are vegetables and fresh vegetables – carrot, celery, onion -, honey, seaweed and brewer"s yeast, among others. And do not forget to eat garlic. Ingesting garlic is very good for nail growth, but you can also spread it directly on its surface to protect it. This will strengthen them and help prevent the appearance of fungi.

Eliminate bad habits for nails

Do not eat or bite your nails. The first step to take care of your nails and keep them strong is to protect them from yourself. With this, bad habit for nails can weaken them in a way that in the long run, the damage done becomes irreparable. Do not use your fingernails to open complicated things such as bottles, cans. Do not bring them to strong or unnecessary efforts.

Do not use too much nail products

There are many people who always carry their nails with some nail polish or chain one manicure with another. That is a serious mistake. The enamels do not let the nails breathe, they dry the area and spoil the root. If you are one of those who applies nail polish regularly, remember to clean the nail thoroughly every 10 to 15 days and let it air for 3 or 4 days. This way, you will make sure that they do not become brittle. Another suggestion is to visit a nail salon in Jacksonville, Florida for proper care. Professionals for nail grooming can save you from damaging your nails when you want to put colors on them. It’s not bad when you visit a nail salon twice a month.

Protect them

Use gloves when doing housework, gardening, mechanics, etc. Not only to protect them and not to be damaged but also because they should not be contaminated with harmful products. Some products are very corrosive to skin and nails. Although the nail may appear to be safe at first, nail deposits are likely to remain, which will weaken them in the long run. Avoid the use of corrosive products, detergents, etc. without any protection.

Use products specifically for nail care

Take care of cuticles, not cuts. You must moisturize them and use specialized products for nails. The most recommended are moisturizing oils or natural oils such as olive oil, almonds or castor oil. You can apply them using a massage every night in the cuticles, which also you must push towards the root of the nails.

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